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ISBN: 9781934912348/
Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
Ebook/ Print
$8.00/ $15.95
212 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Julie Sinclair is terrified to stay in Crete now that her mother has passed away. Her stepfather is determined to claim her as his own, so instead of staying at the Inn he owns, she flees using the disguise of a teenage boy to get on a ship.

Captain Daine Challenger is sick and tired of women and their nefarious ways and has sworn to stay away from them. When he meets his new cabin boy, Jack Sinclair, he knows there is not something quite right about him but he cannot put his finger on it.

When Daine realizes that Jack is really Julie, he tries to stay away from the sensual woman but his heart and his body will not allow it. But the sea is a turbulent place to be, and they are soon separated, neither knowing where the other is. Julie goes through one terrifying adventure after another, determined to survive for herself as well as for the memory of the man she loves. Will Daine and Julie finally meet up again in the most unexpected place or are they destined to be apart forever?

Pirate Unmasked is an epic adventure that takes you from exotic Crete to New Orleans and many places in between. I found the way Julie carries on in New Orleans after she finds out about slaves being sold to be a truly brilliant picture mainly because it shows what a naïve person might first think when hearing about slaves being bought and sold. Daine himself is a tortured hero as he struggles with the image he has of women, thanks to one devious female. Debut author Judie Kleng has written a wonderfully swashbuckling tale full of high seas adventure and love that has no boundaries.

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