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Sequel to Stolen Treasures
ISBN#: 1606015680
July 2010
Siren Publishing
165 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Action-Adventure, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Making partner by the time she is thirty is not looking too promising for attorney Julia Branholt, as she gets passed over once more for no apparent reason. It was a promise she made to her father on his deathbed, and one she intends to keep, even if it kills her.

He cannot deny that the adrenaline rush from pirating is a high like nothing else, but for Hakon “Hawk” Thoralssen II, the ends justifies the means. He will rebuild Tierra Bonita, for himself, for his people, and most especially for his beloved late wife, Maria.

Julia is beginning to think someone in her law firm has it out for her as she gets one more pro bono case slapped into her hands and no real chance of getting the guy cleared. With the media crawling all over the case of the beautiful blonde pirate absconding with pleasure yachts, Julia is forced to admit the man is completely guilty and utterly gorgeous. Still reeling from his wife’s death and trying to rebuild his village, Hawk has no intention of ever losing his heart to another woman, but there is something in Julia that shakes him to the core. She is smart, sexy, and determined to find a way to clear his name, even if it destroys her and her career in the process.

Hawk may look more Viking than pirate, with that big, bold, and beautiful blonde thing going on, but combine that with his little Robin Hood venture, and he also embodies the bad boy image as well. Julia, on the other hand, just screams blue blood and straight laced, but underneath that prim exterior beats the heart of a siren. They certainly make for an interesting couple in what could be considered a somewhat clichéd storyline. But keeping in mind that this is purely fiction, and with all legalities aside, Pirate’s Promise is a pleasure to read.

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