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ISBN: 978-0-06-168742-6
March 2010
302 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a Blaise Ryan attack, but if you are a friend in need, you could not ask for someone more loyal or determined. Blaise is an environmentalist used to taking on large companies compromising Earth’s safety, but what is coming up the pike is bigger than anything she could envision.

The American dream could not be more evident than in Tony Ruiz’s career. As the son of an immigrant farm worker, Tony knows what hard work and determination can do, and with that ethic, he has surpassed his wildest dreams.

Working for the President of the United States is the ultimate high for Tony, but when California goes black, Tony gets a real feel for what his job will entail. There is just not enough fuel to go around, and the U.S. is getting desperate. Blaise is in Germany visiting a dear friend after a month of enduring the chaos in California, but it is certainly not turning out to be a pleasure trip. Her friend’s husband is neck deep in the gas industry in Russia, but it is becoming alarmingly clear that his dedication to his job and country has far superseded the love for his wife and family.

A story like this really makes you think twice every time you pull up to a pump, especially with the nightmare we are currently engaged in with the Middle East. It is sickening to think we have made this bed for ourselves, and at the rate we are going a scenario like this story is inevitable. Blaise and Tony are indicative of the people in this country who are begging for alternative choices in fuel, but are shut down by those whose pockets are being lined quite nicely with the status quo. I would hope as a country we are smarter than to repeat a mistake like the Middle East, but unfortunately I fear we are not, and Pipeline is the perfect example of where that stupidity can lead.

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