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ISBN: 978-1-926704-37-1 (EB), 978-1-926701-45-6 (PB)
August 2009
Eternal Press
99 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Putting thoughts down on paper is how Sydney Welles makes a living as a journalist, but when it comes to men, or one man in particular, her brain is a jumbled mess. It has been a year since she met him, but that one night left an impression that has been unshakable.

The Harrisburg News is not exactly a step up from Ben Taylor’s previous job, but circumstances have put him right where he wants to be.

If a hole in the ground were to suddenly open up, Sydney would gladly jump in and hide for good. Whatever made Ben show up in Harrisburg is a mystery, but what she cannot do is let it affect her job. It has been a year since they shared a kiss that scorched her to her toes, and seeing him again brings that heat flaring to life. Too bad he seems to have absolutely no recollection of that night. Sydney suffers one anxious headache after another trying to reconcile her feelings for Ben, but what will happen if it is not nearly as one sided as she seems to think?

This is one more office romance that is certain to have lasting effects on both of the participants. Sydney is a character who runs so many circles in her head that the reader is just as restless as she is, whereas Ben’s feelings are not alluded to until the very end. I enjoy a good romance that includes as much of a chase as it does fulfillment, but unfortunately, this story has little of either. In my opinion there is so much left unsaid on Ben’s part that if included would really rocket this story from interesting to extraordinary.

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