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ISBN# 978-1-60592-087-0
February 2010
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
105 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, M/M Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Nikky Everson is on the run from his ex-boyfriend and desperate to keep the knowledge from his older brother, Jamie, who is a cop.

Troy Summers is Jamie’s new partner. He and Jamie get along very well, and Troy is really happy with his new partner.

When Bruce brings two strange men into their home and attempts to insist that Nikky have sex with all of them, Nikky refuses, only to be beat within an inch of his life. When he wakes up, he packs what he can and runs. However, Bruce and his goons are looking for him, and Nikky knows it is just a matter of time before they catch him. Scared to tell Jamie because he knows what his brother will do if he finds out, he keeps his troubles to himself. But when Jamie calls and asks him to come meet Troy, his new partner, Nikky cannot refuse. Imagine his surprise when he forms an instant deep connection to a studly man at the bar only to discover he is his brother’s new partner. What a mess! They both know that Jamie will go through the roof if they act on their attraction and so they do not, at least not initially. When Bruce finds Nikky again and adds to his bruises, in desperation, Nikky calls Troy and asks for help. Their connection is instant and deep and still there. They are unable to resist the soul deep link. But what will Jamie do when he finds out and will his ignorance of Troy and Nikky’s relationship put Nikky in even more danger from Bruce?

This prequel to Sammy Dane will leave you breathless! I love it when Ms. Glenn goes back in a story line and adds to it. Not all authors can do this successfully, but she pulls it off every time. I just love the different personalities in this book and how the author is able to use them to move the storyline along. I also thought it was great how she got the message across that just because a guy likes to sew, or embroider or cook does not mean he is less than masculine. The connection between Troy and Nikky is wonderfully erotic sexy and loving, and that dear readers is what I as a reader look for. What can I say, very few are able to do this as well as Ms. Stormy Glenn. Make sure you go out and pick up this book ASAP because trust me you will not regret it!

Coffee Time Romance & More




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