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ISBN: 9781607774105
May 2011
Ravenous Romance
128 Pages
Paranormal Erotica
Rating: 5 Cups

Kristy Tremaine’s life changed the day she decided to go on an expedition to Egypt to be with her boyfriend. Thanks to her breaking a phoenix’s egg, every three months she will go up in flames and arise as a new person.

Jase Cooper is a doctor who believes he can never help too much. Thanks to a secret past that plays a major part in his demeanor now, when he sees someone in distress, he knows he must find some way to fix them.

Kristy has to constantly change her name as her appearance changes, and she is going by the name Kat when she first meets Jase at a Laundromat. After a few bouts of intense sex, Kat goes home thinking nothing of the connection she has with the sexy doctor. But each time she sees him again, she can feel the magnetism and sex appeal oozing from his pores and calling her name. Since she never looks the same, Kat finds herself falling hard and fast for the doctor and she knows if she does not put a stop to it soon her heart will shatter into a million pieces. How can Kat expect a man of medicine to accept the unexplainable?

From the first page, Phoenix Burning gripped me with its mythical claws as I was riveted to the story unfolding before my eyes. I watched in agony and amazement as Kat went through her changes time and again and still craved the man who had captured her heart. I can only imagine how strong she must have been to acknowledge her passion and love for Jase even as she knew she could never really give him all of herself. The despair Jase must have felt each time Kat brushed him off or gave him an excuse as to why she could not see him anymore came through quite clearly, leaving me want to cry in sympathy for his pain. Ms. Michel takes the reader on a fantastic journey full of spice, fantasy, myth, love, and two people destined to be together if they can figure out how to overcome a curse.

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