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ISBN: 9780758241818
February 23, 2010
Kensington Publishing Corp.
$15.00-USA/ $17.95-CAN
338 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

When Meng Ning was young, she fell down a well and found herself feeling as if the Goddess of Mercy was protecting her. After that and also because of her parents’ turbulent marriage, she realized her destiny lay in becoming a Buddhist Nun.

Michael Fuller helps Meng Ning out when she finds herself in a quandary. When a fire breaks out from a disruptive teenager, he carries her to safety.

Meng Ning discovers new and unusual emotions and feelings whenever she encounters the handsome doctor. When he invites her to New York, she accepts and starts on a journey of self-discovery. She has to choose between becoming the Buddhist Nun she has always thought she wanted to be, or becoming wife to a man who loves her. Will she choose love over her long-sought destiny or give up the man who aches for her?

Petals from the Sky is about a woman who thought her path was straight forward and predestined until love disrupted it. Mingmei Yip uses a strong, powerful, emotional voice to tell the story. The vivid scenery, poignant upheavals, and life-voyages that this novel takes the reader on is painted with enough clarity that you can practically see it. I love how Meng Ning struggles to find herself, especially since she had thought she already knew exactly who she was. This book gives you a chance to glimpse a culture beyond what most have seen before and most will never see again.

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