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ISBN# (13)9781603949958
July 2012
KK&M Publishing
E Book
215 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Lady Lily Mercer has not looked forward to her introduction to society. Her father’s untimely death has left the entire family in mourning, and she is older than most of the other debutantes. As the daughter and sister of a marquees, she is accomplished and accustomed to having her way. When a stranger demands that she seduce Dorian Fforbes-Hyde or be responsible for her mother’s murder, her world changes forever.

The Earl Dorian Fforbes-Hyde seldom visits London, after his wife’s death in childbirth several years before. When Lady Lily Mercer introduces herself and demands a dance, he is stunned by her resemblance to his deceased wife. He would not deny his body's response to her, but he is determined never to see her again.

Convinced that her mother is indeed at risk, Lady Lily sets about her seduction. First, however, she must find out what seduction entails. Earl Dorian thinks he has died and gone to heaven. The questions that remained are why Lady Lily visits him, and how long the visits would continue. Sometimes, however, hearts become involved.

In Persuasion, two moral individuals are manipulated into behaviors that, for the times, are considered immoral. Lady Lily acquiesces to her own ruin, rather than confide in her relatives. Earl Dorian behaves in a dishonorable manner when he is an honorable man. Overall, the story is improbable, including the villain's scheme, and is unsatisfying.

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