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Darcy & Friends-2
ISBN# 9781601549091
September 15, 2011
Choc Lit Publishing
Print/ ebook
£7.99(about $12.70)/ $2.99
365 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Anna Elliot fell in love, really in love, once in her lifetime. Allowing family dictates to rule her, she left him, but always wondered if he still loved her. When he comes back within her social circles, she is stung by his cold treatment of her. As they rip off the scabs of the past, leaving wounds fresh and bleeding, could it be that old hurts can be forgotten?

Rick Wentworth has found success and fame from his study of the sea. But now he is facing the woman who shredded his heart so long ago. Through a series of events, that in turn brings them closer together and then further apart, he discovers his feelings for her are always strong. Sometimes they are strongly hurt and defensive… But others…

While being pressured by a cast of dynamic characters, these two butt heads and hearts. Each wishes things were different, but neither trusts the other enough to make them different. Will they get past a history that was neither of their choosing? A modern retelling of a Jane Austen classic, this story will be familiar and fresh for lovers of Archer’s Darcy and Friends series.

I have been in this sort of relationship before (Other people who tried to drive you apart, but you keep winding up back in their path…trying to find the love you lost and not trusting the other person…) so I was somewhat sympathetic to the plight of Anna and Elliot. That said, I found a whole book of the back and forth, obstacle after obstacle, somewhat monotonous at points. That the heroine is described as a “shrinking violet” who is too afraid to stand up and say what she thinks and feels, continuing to allow the hero to slice pieces off her, was beyond frustrating. Fun banter and interesting characters were alive and well in this story, but it didn’t make up for the irritating heroine and the complete lack of communication between the main characters. Although it did offer a happily ever after ending, I found this the least believable bit of all, since the characters obviously can’t talk to each other or trust one another, which is relationship suicide in this readers opinion.

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