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ISBN: 9781440160585-Paperback/ 9781440160578-eBook
August 2009
Paperback/ eBook
$18.95-Paperback/ $6.00-eBook
292 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Doreen Lowe’s life has been practically mapped out for her by her father Max. She is engaged to Peter, a man her dad finds suitable even if her fiancé’s family does not feel she is quite up to par.

Tyler Rockwell is an investment banker who meets Doreen for the first time across the boardroom table.

Doreen has three ghosts who are constantly guiding her through her life. Her father Max keeps reminding her of the loss they have had and how their luck will be good only if she marries Peter. But when she makes a life-changing decision on a whim, Max is furious and the three ghosts go out of their way to show their disapproval. As the years pass, Doreen must come to grips with her choices and hope to find that luck that her family is always claiming they had until she changed everything.

Penguin Luck is a good novel. I had a hard time following some parts of the story, as I did not understand the background of the characters. I found Doreen to be both fascinating and repelling in the way she tries to support her husband and yet how she struggles to get her father to accept what she has done. The tragedies and losses these characters go through is heart breaking, bringing the reader emotionally into the story. Ms. Mupetson tells a tale full of gripping scenes and tense moments.

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