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ISBN: 9780425236628-Paperback/ 9781101443880-ePub/ 9781101439883-eBook
October 2010
Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Print/ ePub/ eBook
$15.00-USA/ $18.50-CAN-Paperback/ $9.99-ePub & eBook
358 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

When Penelope’s husband, Odysseus, goes off to fight to get the infamous Helen of Troy back, no one expects it to change lives forever. After Odysseus leaves, Penelope finds she is pregnant again.

Xanthe is the daughter of Penelope and Odysseus. Although she has not met her father, she has heard enough stories about him to make him almost immortalized in her eyes. Ten years pass while warriors return from war, but not Odysseus. As more years pass, suitors begin to come forth for both Penelope’s hand and Xanthe’s, determined to get the kingdom through fair or foul play.

Not wanting her daughter to be raped and impregnated, Penelope sends Xanthe to Helen of Troy for safekeeping. There the princess will pretend to be a slave as she is hidden from view for the next few years. As Xanthe gets to know Helen and the true story of what happened, her closed-mindedness toward the woman who was indirectly at fault for her father’s disappearance soon begins to recede. When she is abruptly called home, it will shake Xanthe to the core as she believes it can only mean one thing. Her father has finally returned after almost twenty years.

Penelope’s Daughter is an amazing novel, rich in detail, historical events, and emotional upheavals that leave you breathless. While I have heard of Helen of Troy, seeing her for the first time through the eyes of Xanthe made me feel as if I could fully understand what happened and why she did what she did. Ms. Corona uses brilliant wording and vivid plotlines to describe Xanthe’s world and all the changes that take place as she is thrust from childhood to womanhood and beyond. From one moment to the next, I found myself captivated with the era, the story, and the fantastic characters within the pages. Each chapter begins with a story told through Xanthe’s weaving, and it added a lush richness to this already overwhelmingly sensational novel, making the reader anticipate what will happen next. What an unbelievable journey this book takes you on, and you will not be disappointed at the outcome!

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