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ASIN/ISBN# B00ATQQRS4 / 9780989032100
January 2013
Self Published
E-Book / Print
$3.99/$ 10.99
282 Pages
Crime, Thriller
Rating: 5 Cups

Carlos Ramirez is guilt-ridden. Sleep is elusive to him because of his dreams as his conscience berates him over decisions he took in the name of vengeance that resulted in innocents being brutally killed. After the betrayal of their drug-lord father, resulting in his death, by his partner, Lena and Carlos, the Ramirez siblings, use an elaborate setup to get vengeance.

While Lena embraces her father’s legacy without regrets, Carlos cannot get over the loss of innocent lives. Now heading the northeast cartel, he tries to make things right by legalizing most of the businesses. It does not help that the other cartel bosses are conspiring against him.

In a moment of revelation, Carlos decides on paying penance for his crimes. He comes up with an elaborate plan; a plan so dangerous it just may end his life. Known for her brilliance and ruthless reputation, Lena gets wind of something brewing but not the exact plan. Her main priority is Carlos's safety. Will she succeed in protecting him, or will Carlos lose his life in his road to redemption?

Brilliantly written story! Mr. Clifton has intricately woven a story that will keep you on the very edge of your seat. He does not waste words, quell the flow, compromise the pace, or give descriptive details, but paints the whole picture with action and places so vivid you can see things happen. Each of the characters is engaging and layered shades of gray with flaws and strengths making them feel realistic. Their ruthlessness left me gasping, yet I am unable to hate them. Penance is the new age Godfather with a twist. The language is clean and the clarity of the scenes makes it easy for everyone to read without feeling offended, yet giving the whole gangster feel. It is so gripping, it was hard to put down this book and concentrate on chores without thinking about what might happen next. The ending is nicely wrapped while leaving room in case the author wants to write a sequel. This is a not to be missed book if you want suspense, a complex riveting plot, and action! I am looking forward to reading more books by Mr. Clifton.

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