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Trilogy - Paul's Three Wars

Book 1- Paul, Betty, and Pearl
Book 2 -Daddypaul and the Yo-yo War
Book 3 - Gran'Paul's Family

Book 3 in the trilogy, "Paul's Three Wars"
ISBN: 9781441473813
August 2009
321 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Paul Van Vliet first notices the cute woman at a party. As he gets to know Betty more, he begins to fall hard and fast for her.

Betty Lundstrom is a married woman but not very happy. Then Paul comes into her life and turns it upside down.

As Paul teaches Betty’s daughter, Rosalie, music, his attraction to the married woman continues to flourish. After a party where Betty’s husband leaves her stranded, she ends up starting an affair with Paul. Later, she realizes nothing can come of their attraction, and though she still loves Paul, Betty decides to try to fix her marriage. But fate steps in as Paul and Betty continue to fight for their love as well as their freedom. Pearl Harbor has been bombed, and it effects their lives in more ways than one.

Paul, Betty, and Pearl gives the reader a bird’s eye view of a time that shocked America. The emotional and mental jolt that is felt by the reader gives you an idea of how good Mr. Larew is at intertwining history in his stories. On top of the historical aspect of this tale, you have a secret love affair that adds to the overall plotline. While there was much of this novel I did not understand, the author includes a word guide so you can flip back for the lingo aspect. This was a good novel, and if you are a fan of history, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy reading this tale.

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