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ISBN# 1606014048
July 2009
eXtasy Books
41 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Pauline Templeton is devastated when her father dies. Now the responsibility for the farm falls into her lap. If only Robert would return, then maybe she would not feel so alone.

Robert Hanson once worked on Pauline’s father’s farm. He has never forgotten the one time they spent together and plans to do whatever it takes to win her heart again.

On his death bed, Pauline’s father asks her to find a nice gentleman and marry. He wants her to start thinking about herself for a change. Pauline is heartbroken with his death. He had mentioned Robert with his last breath and how he never got to say he was sorry. Pauline is puzzled by his statement but remembers the young man who once worked for them; the one man she had given herself to in every way. She had no idea where Robert was and imagined she would die alone. After learning there is a new rancher living not far from her, she is surprised when she catches a glance of him. He has a similarity uncanny to Robert. When Robert presents himself to Pauline, he explains how her father had sent him a letter. It was time for him to return to collect the woman he had always loved, but would Pauline accept him back into her life or push him away?

Passion on the Prairie lives up to its title. One can definitely experience the zeal that flows through the story. Dedicated people who are lively and robust, willing to make a difference in their lives, this poignant story captures the reader and pulls them deep within the heart of matters. Shannon Rouchelle knows how to create genuine characters with real problems and indisputable love that touches the reader immensely in this entertaining read.

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