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ISBN#: 9780451227003
August 2010
New American Library
Trade Paperback
290 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When most people think of a small town librarian, a woman like Kathryn St. John would never enter their minds. She fulfils her familial legacy with joy, but her private life is just that, private and passionate.

Coming to Egret Point is a major change for New Yorker Timothy Blair, and one he is actually looking forward to pursuing. His old job was never going to lead to anything more, and with no family left it is time to move on.

Kathryn’s family goes back generations, and was one of the founders of Egret Point, so it goes without saying that keeping up appearances, and staying out of town gossip, is a very high priority for her. This does not mean however that she cannot live a sexually fulfilling life, and with The Channel granting her every fantasy, she has never needed to look anywhere else. Tim gets his first look at Kathy, and for the first time in years, he feels his heart and his libido kick into high gear, but his position and hers demands discretion. When Kathy loses access to The Channel, she has only one option, and that is reality, but she is not quite sure that she, Tim, or Egret Point is ready for her to unleash her passionate nature on a real live man.

The combination of old-fashioned ethics and scintillating love scenes sets Passionate Pleasures apart from the crowd. The characters are not just your average strait-laced paragons of society, but randy and rapacious lovers as well. And though I find The Channel and Mr. Nicholas to be an unusual and quirky addition to a contemporary romance, I feel they are not necessary to its appeal. What is appealing is knowing that this Pleasure series is not done yet, and we will get to see more of these wonderfully wicked lovers.

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