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ISBN#: 9781926771045
August 2009
Breathless Press
58 Pages
Paranormal/ Werewolf Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cait Gillpatrick cannot believe what has just happened. In what seems like mere minutes, Atherton castle, her home, has been stormed by Viking rebels.

Biel Vard knows that the beautiful and feisty woman standing before him does not want him to take over her home. But the castle he has renamed Blaidden will make a fine home for him and his men once the renovations are complete.

Having the enemy swarm around her home and take siege is bad enough, but when Cait becomes the wife of the leader, she feels as if her life is doomed for all eternity. However, as the days turn into weeks and the nights become passion filled, she turns from a girl into a woman who finds ecstasy. When her family returns to retrieve her from her husband's clutches, whose side will Cait choose?

From the first moment on, Ms. Grey had me in her grasp as I read the tense conflict between Cait and Biel. Watching how the heroine struggles with her dilemma between her growing feelings for her husband and her loyalty toward her family was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. I also enjoyed reading how much Biel had to learn that ordering his strong-willed wife around did not get him the love he craved. Passion of the Wolf is a sexy read full of action, adventure, fighting scenes, eye-opening moments, and a family secret with one heck of a hot ending.

Caution: This tale contains anal sex and a ménage a trois between m/f/m and is a red hot romance!

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