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Love at First Bite Series, Book 1
ISBN# 1622422953
November 2012
Siren Publishing
217 Pages
Erotic Romance, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha (Sam) Panini is a nineteen-year-old pickpocket. She has lost her parents when only six years old and has been raised by a pimp together with one of his prostitutes. She has been hiding her true sex by dressing and acting as a boy her whole life.

Christopher D’Angelo is a vampire who has lived for hundreds of years. Christopher has not been truly happy since his beloved wife died. Now his only chance at true happiness is to find his mate, which he cannot do unless he can get his hands on the blood diamond, a family heirloom that can show a vampire when a woman is his true mate.

After running into a young street urchin, Christopher is astonished when he discovers his pocket has been picked and his wallet stolen. While he is furious at the young man, he begins to get a glimmer of an idea. He has located his family’s blood diamond, but unfortunately, the building it is in is sealed against vampires. However, his little pickpocket is human, so if he could steal a vampire’s wallet and get away with it, he may very well have a chance at stealing the blood diamond. But he is in for a surprise when the pickpocket he believes is a boy turns out to be a dirty young woman masquerading as a boy. Intrigued, he takes Sam back to his home intent on convincing her to steal the blood diamond for him, until he is ensnared by attraction for the obviously sexually innocent young woman. Sam has no intention of staying with the vampire no matter how much she may want him, or how much pleasure he can give her. He is a vampire after all, so she escapes, or at least tries until she runs a fowl of another vampire, one with far less scruples than Christopher’s. Will Christopher be able to keep her safe? Will he convince her to steal the blood diamond for him? And what will happen when Christopher discovers Sam is far more than just a talented thief and a beautiful woman?

Paris Bites is one of those novels that you just cannot stop turning the pages. I love it! Sam is as feisty and fiery as they come, and I love how Christopher thinks he can control her while she just keeps him on his toes. Even his brother cannot best her, and I really love that little scene! The love between Sam and Christopher is very real, but so is the danger each must face because of it. Overcoming obstacles is the theme for this book. Sam and Christopher definitely have their fair share of them. The ending to this lovely story is perfect, and I for one will definitely be buying more of this author’s books. Oh, and the sex? Positively scorching and not to be missed!

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