Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1-61034-483-9
July 2011
Siren Publishing
216 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance, F/F, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Promises are something that Layla Hertz holds very dear, and it is the one thing that she will refuse to break. This time however keeping her promise could actually break her heart.

He left Tennessee with a heavy heart, but Brendon Fordon had to follow his dream. His art is all he has, and the time has come for him to reveal the masterpiece that will make him famous.

Layla made the promise to Brendon that if she was ever in New Orleans she would look him up, and it seems that time has come. Her best friend Wini warns Layla of the danger surrounding Brendon, but Layla is convinced that this time she can keep her emotions in check. Brendon tries to steel his heart against Layla’s charms, but seeing her after so many years is a distraction he craves, and one that could possibly kill him. A woman scorned is a dangerous thing, especially when that woman is already dead.

There are many layers to the connection between Layla and Brendon, and uncovering each one is at once tantalizing and terrifying. They have such a volatile relationship, you never know if the next move will be a strike or a kiss. BDSM is only one facet of the link they share, and one that I feel they play at more than embrace. Their passion however is all consuming and volatile, leaving no room for anything but pure excitement.

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