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Insatiable Series

Book 1: Insatiable
Book 2: Overbite

Insatiable, Book 2
ISBN# 10: 0061735108 / 13: 9780061735103
July 5, 2011
HarperCollins Publishers
$ 22.99
288 pages
Vampire Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Meena Harper knows just about anything, and with her special ability, she is able to tell when a person will die. She belongs to the Palatine group who hunts and destroys demonic life.

Lucien Antonescu is the type of guy who opens doors for women, yet he can destroy a church, not to mention kill Meena, if he has the opportunity.

Sometimes Meena hates the fact she can envisage things. Her organization, the Palatine group, wants to put vampires out of circuit. One main vampire up for elimination is Lucien, the most wanted man in the demonic world. Palatine has been desperately searching for Lucien, but so far, he has kept hidden until he returns to see Meena. The dark prince, son of Vlad the Impaler, alias Dracula, is the one vampire whose smile can do things to her that should never be delivered by a vampire. She had resisted him before, because she did not wish the vampire life, but now that he has returned, Meena has no idea how she can turn him into the group when he can push all her buttons. She wonders if she can redeem him to make him different from the demonic evil, once they are in each other’s arms.

Overbite is an awesome read. When Meena and Lucien enter a room the chemistry oozes through the pages. The style of writing creates a flow that allowed this reader to ease into the pages and enjoy each encounter. There were moments I felt sorrow, then happiness, then complete joy as the characters wonderfully showed a wide panel of expressions. Meg Cabot reels the audience in and then carries them into some nonstop action with an ending that made this reader gasp. She knows how to captivate her readers and leave a lasting impression.

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