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ISBN#: Unavailable
June 2009
MS fiction
82 pages
Science Fiction/Erotic fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Terrex Stonewall has gone against all the good advice and taken a position at the Epsilon outpost. His first task is a rescue mission that goes wrong when they realize the men have been taken and they cannot safely take the aliens they find to safety. Then they are also are taken by the Bugeyes.

Sheera and her sisters have been captured, but luckily the craft they were on has crashed and the man that found them is kind. He promises to help her and her sisters through the transition into adulthood and keep them safe from the bug like humanoids that have captured them all.

Sheera and Terrex become very close quickly during their time with the Bugeyes. But they soon discover it is a race of slug-like creatures that are really the captors of them all, the Bugeyes included. The transformation Sheera and her sisters have to go through enables them to escape with the help of the true queen so they can bring help from both the humans and Sheera’s people.

Mr. Grosshans has given us a fascinating world with amazing descriptions of the planet, its plant and animal life. The Ant-like creatures the humans know as Bugeyes are not technically advanced but are able to communicate and alter their appearance with their minds. Terrex sees the beauty in Sheera before she changes into her adult form. Her kindness is shown when she shares him with her sisters during each girl’s transformation.

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