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Book 1 of the Court of Angels trilogy
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2762-2
February 23, 2010
392 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Millet family name has been synonymous with all things psychic for generations, and Marley Millet is no exception. Each member has a special talent, and hers seems to be “traveling”.

Leaving the police department to become a journalist, Gray Fisher has really found his passion. However, his latest feature is turning out to be more of a murder/mystery than a human-interest piece.

Gray is getting more face time with his old boss now than he did when he worked with the NOPD, and it is not looking good, until Marley walks in on the scene. A spark of recognition of something deep within his soul flares to life, and a sudden irresistible urge to know her, touch her, and protect her nearly overwhelms him. Marley is terrified by what she is seeing of the missing jazz singers in New Orleans, but no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get a fix on where they are. No matter how tight her family is, they each deal with their own problems, but Marley is suddenly realizing that she has a new support system in Gray, and she is not at all sure she is ready to take that step.

This is only book one, and already I am hooked! Marley and Gray have such an unusual relationship, where more is said between the lines than face to face, but they captivate you nonetheless. The paranormal activity is done spectacularly, and with as much realism as is possible, and it could not take place in a better setting. The sultry steamy love affair with New Orleans seeps right into your soul while you absorb every nuance of this fantastic read.

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