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ISBN#: 978-0-9823615-0-4
April 2009
Highland Press
P.O. Box 2292, High Springs, Florida, 32655
244 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mission: Devil Dog

Riley Worthington is from a wealthy family who made her feel inferior. She still carries a torch for Jack even though she had to turn him down. Her confidence in herself is hard won.

Jack Stone is the best sniper in the Marines. He has focused all of his energies on that since Riley dumped him. He is totally surprised to see her on the opposite team in a training exercise.

A female Marine sniper has more to worry about than facing the love of her life again. She regrets hurting him, but could not marry him when he asked. She is a much different person now, his equal.

This is a great story of love lost and found. Jack and Riley are charismatic characters with a past and hopefully a future and the author puts quite a bit of action in the plot along with the romance.

Funny Bone

Cheryl is a comedian with a fear of abandonment. She was given up for adoption as a child and never wants to be left behind again.

Chuck is a Navy SEAL. His background is the complete opposite of Cheryl’s and he wants nothing more than to make her his wife.

A Navy Seal has to overcome his fiancée’s fears in order for their marriage to take place.

This is a sweet love story. Cheryl is a strong woman trying to overcome her fears in order to marry the man she cannot live without. Chuck tries to understand and make her see his point also. The man is almost too good to be true.

B & B Bivouac

Susan Collins is the daughter of an Air Force Master Sergeant and a Civil Servant, so she is willing to give up her own room in her B & B for a pilot in need of a room.

David is a pilot and has a bit of a reputation as a partier. He hopes that no one finds out about the frilly girly room he has been assigned to for SERE training.

A busy B & B owner and a playboy pilot discover love in snatched moments between training sessions.

I really enjoyed this story. David grows up a bit and Susan finds the man she loves. Susan is a really great character, I can understand the protectiveness that the personnel of the airbase feel towards her and David is pretty irresistible.

Angel from Above

Cristal is a West Point grad whose true love is flying her helicopter and rescuing those who need her. She is from a military family and is carrying on the tradition.

Paul is a Green Beret with similar values and an equal dedication to his team. He never expected that the love of his life would be flying a helicopter to his rescue.

A Green Beret and a medevac pilot find love in wartime and some interesting connections from a former war.

This is an excellent love story with a nice twist and connection with a previous generation. Paul and Crystal’s story has some serious twists to make things interesting.

So Others Might Live

Bronwyn is an author on the rebound from a failed relationship. She has an idea that a solo sail will give her the inspiration to write a bestseller. She is hardheaded and refuses to listen to her cousin’s advice.

James is a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard. He has been injured in one rescue today, but will not refuse to go on another.

An author in over her head alone on a sailboat in a storm is rescued by the Coast Guard and her heart is captured by the brave man who saved her.

Though I do not understand Bronwyn’s reasoning in undertaking a trip in unsafe conditions, I really enjoyed the story. Great characters and an interesting plot.

This is a very good collection of stories involving all branches of the military. Each author used a member of a different branch of the service for their story. Every one of them is full of romance and very different from the others. Each and every one of them is well worth reading as they are full of great characters and very readable plots, perfect for a Memorial Day read. I would be hard put to pick a favorite, all are very well written and I read this anthology straight through from the beginning until the end.

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