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ISBN# 9781619500761
October 2012
Gypsy Publishing Company
133 Pages
Inspiration Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Rating: 4 Cups

Janet Chevrestt is a mother before anything else. She is someone who comforts her children, even when she is suffering her own quiet pain. When she becomes seriously ill, her first and foremost thoughts are of her family.

Cancer does not discriminate. It invades the body of anyone. It causes pain, misery, sadness and brings tragedy into homes.

It is a sad day when a doctor’s visit ends in tears and heartbreak. The word “cancer” alone pricks the heart like a heavy stone. A person will be torn with a diversity of lingering feelings about whether the treatments work and how much time is left to spend with family. Janet could have given up. She could have refused any treatments and spent her days in the dark with no family ever near her again. Instead, she chooses to turn the tables. No matter how harsh or painful the treatments, she is determined not to allow breast cancer to take her life, so she can be there for her daughter. She takes a step on a staircase and beats the ugly illness that tries to conquer many.

On the Wings of Pink Angels is a book filled with a huge amount of knowledge that will not only help anyone with cancer, but also those who have loved ones. There is an intellectual study into breast cancer, and the importance of having mammograms. Ms. Colclasure pens a heart-touching book on family, and how cancer pushes its way into the lives of many as it tries to become a winner. She shows how important inner strength and setting a course are to become a fighter. Not allowing this sickness to control oneself can make a person stronger. Her in-depth links of information are truly assets.

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