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A Taylor & Graham Mystery

Book 1: Death of an Ordinary Man
Book 2: Sainted Murder
Book 3: On the Twelfth Night of Christmas
Book 4: Pearls Before Swine
Book 5: Horns of a Dilemma
Book 6: The Coffin Watchers
Book 7: The Terrible Enemy
Book 8: Poison, Murder, Satisfaction
Book 9: Mysteries, Dreams, and Darkness
Book 10: The Mystery of the Green Mist
Book 11: A Well Dressed Corpse

Brenna Taylor Mystery Series, Book 3
ISBN #: 9780373267323
December 2010
Worldwide Mystery (Harlequin)
Mass Market Paperback
318 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

DC Brenna Taylor is a member of the Derbyshire CID. She is intelligent and thorough and has a close working relationship with her fellow officers.

The murderer is close to, and maybe a member of, the Salt family. Mercedes’ divorce demand is sure to drive the family and their finances into chaos.

Mercedes Salt has mysteriously drowned on a morning walk around the family estate near her own family’s home. At first it is unsure whether it was suicide or murder, but murder soon is obvious. Every member of the family is a suspect since Mercedes wanted a divorce from Niles Salt, the elder brother of CID member Mark Salt, who is now also a suspect. Mark relies on his team members to prove his innocence and find out who really murdered his sister-in-law.

Ms. Hiestand is a master of the classic British police procedural. The plot is carefully crafted with clues that hint at but do not give away the murderer. Brenna’s relationships with her co-workers are a large and interesting part of the story as well. The story is gripping with more than the average number of potential suspects and motives and an interesting twist has Detective Mark Salt as one of the prime suspects. This is a great addition to a strong series.

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