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ISBN: 978-0-9821756-3-7
May 2009
Bell Bridge Books, an Imprint of BelleBooks, Inc.
206 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Books have always been a haven for Dr. Josephine Allen, and her dream job of running the Angel Ridge Library has finally come to fruition. The years of long hard studying to achieve her doctorate have paid off, but are the expectations of the town, and loneliness she still suffers, worth the cost?

It seems like every small town has its “wrong side of the tracks”, and for Cole Craig that is exactly where he comes from in Angel Ridge. Cole propagates that image by working as the town’s handyman, but little does anyone know who he really is.

Seeing Cole again in more years than she can count has Josie tripping over her tongue. The young boy she could hardly claim as more than an acquaintance in middle school has turned out to be a man who quite literally takes her breath away. However, as much as she would love to get to know him again, her duties with the library threaten to consume her every waking moment. Cole fights the rising panic that Josie is slipping out of his grasp, but the steps he takes to keep her may just succeed in pushing her farther and farther away.

Small towns have a way of being your closest friend or your worst enemy, and nobody literates this as well as Deborah Grace Staley. I could walk out my front door right now, and run into just about every one of these characters in my own little town, they are that personable and real. The intriguing little mystery of the town’s angels adds a unique twist to a traditional but sweet romance. Only You is a thoroughly charming read for romance lovers of any age.

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