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ISBN#: 9780758214058
October 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
323 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Once a year, Becca Rowan travels from her home in Boston to her family's home in Maine for Christmas. Always feeling like an outsider, the decision she has made will impact the strain she has with her estranged family, making it that more effusive than it already was.

David and Naomi Rowan have three children: eight year-old twin boys and Rain, the sixteen year-old girl who is not their biological daughter. The identity of her mother has been kept secret from most everyone, including Rain herself.

Now Becca is ready for the truth to be out and for her to retrieve the daughter she gave up as a scared sixteen-year-old. Her announcement is met with anger, betrayal, and mistrust, leaving the tension to climb to the breaking point. As the family gathers each day to argue against Becca telling Rain, new secrets abound as well as realizations that will rock the Rowan family. Will Becca get back the daughter that she feels was forced out of her life, or can an unexpected miracle make her question the right to keep what has never really been hers?

One Week in December is a heartfelt story of the struggles that Becca goes through as she contemplates tearing her family apart. Ms. Chamberlin writes with unimaginable talent, enough so that each angry feeling and hurtful plea that fell from Becca's lips had me wanting to rave against all those who have done her wrong. Unbelievably, as the character's feelings of betrayal turned into something else, and the revelations began to unfold within her mind, I found myself just as easily accepting what was going on within the novel. This outstanding book will pull you into the storyline and have you feeling as if you have been sucker punched as each emotion and event unfurls within the pages. A must read book for all!

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