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ISBN#: 160601336X
June 2010
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
119 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Bonnie is a woman torn between family loyalties and secret desires. She leads a full life but knows it is incomplete, which her Mom is quick to point out.

Ric is at a crossroads in his life but determined that he will be a better man that the one who’s DNA he shares. He likes Bonnie but is unsure of her feelings for him and his less than stellar past.

Bonnie is the daughter of snobby parents who are pressuring her to marry their Mr. Right and settle down. Bonnie knows that their Mr. Right is her Mr. Wrong. But is she brave enough to stand up to her Mom and Dad and find her happily ever after? Circumstances come around that will make everyone take another look and reevaluate their choices.

One Heart’s Opinion has a solid story to tell. Unfortunately, the story is drug down by a cast of characters which are difficult to feel any affinity for. Bonnie is a simpering woman who buckles under pressure and pays the price. Her parents are so snobby as to be impossible to believe and easy to envision strangling. I found that I spent most of the story wanting to kick someone in the pants and frankly Ric was the best of the bunch and the one character that makes you feel any empathy. One Heart’s Opinion has a story to tell but be warned you will spend most of your time feeling angry with one character or the other.

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