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  Stud Club Trilogy
  Book 1 - One Dance with a Duke
  Book 2 - Twice Tempted by a Rogue
  Book 3 - Three Nights with a Scoundrel

ISBN: 9780345518859
May 2010
Ballantine Books, a division of Random House Inc.
394 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

For most of her life, Amelia d’Orsay knew that she would not be considered a fantastic catch by society. She was too plain, too plump, and too intelligent compared to all of the other girls looking for a husband.

Spencer, the Duke of Morland, is considered quite a catch amongst the ladies. Ironically, he has never set out to become such a find, but somehow he is considered mysterious and therefore the perfect match for every eligible woman out there.

When Amelia finds herself in the arms of “the Duke of Midnight” as they are calling Spencer, she does not know whether to laugh or sigh for the moment. When an unexpected adventure turns into marriage, it will take all of her wit and charm to try and make him fall for her. Spencer went out of his way to stay out of marriage, but once the idea formed, he knew that Amelia would be the perfect wife with the perfect body for breeding. Can Amelia enchant Spencer with her honesty and enthusiasm or will he break her heart when he makes her choose between him and someone else she loves dearly?

One Dance with a Duke is an enthralling tale with a unique plot. I love the way Ms. Dare makes Spencer so bold, hard-headed, chauvinistic, but with enough sensitivity to make him a likeable character. Amelia was a little harder to grasp as she fluctuated between being intelligent and sometimes ditzy, but I still found myself enjoying her antics. The continuous wordy battles and the way they went back and forth throughout the novel were funny to read. This is one novel you will take pleasure in reading.

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