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ISBN# (13): 978-1-60272-741-0 E-Book/ (13): 978-1-60272-768-7 Paperback
November 2010
Amber Quill
E-Book and Paperback
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kathleen Margaret Van Braam is a curator of the Near Eastern Collection at the Princeton University Art Museum. When she meets Jon, her whole life takes on a different spin.

Jon Sharpay was born in Romania and writes military histories when he is not dabbling in art and music criticism. He intends on playing a major role in Kat’s destiny.

Kat finds that every time she gets involved with someone, they always find her intimidating, until she makes the acquaintance of Jon Sharpay. He is an enigma with a certain charisma about him that draws her to him with keen interest. Jon knows her great-great-grandfather was Elias Van Braam. She is just the person he has been searching for. As he becomes closer to her, he has to be cautious, knowing his destruction could come at any moment. Frank Torres is not far behind believing that Jon Sharpay was the psycho who murdered his pregnant wife in a gruesome way. He will stop at nothing to get his revenge. When his investigation takes him to where Kat is, can he step in and stop Sharpay before he puts Kat in harms way, especially when Kat has become smitten with the evil man?

One Blood is a spectacular read. There were unexpected twists and turns that kept this reader thoroughly engaged. I love how Ms. Watkins brings life into her refreshing characters. The way she crafts Sharpay, the reader can get to know both his sides, and understand more about him. I found the chemistry between Kat and Sharpay wonderfully spun, to their eye contact down to their body language. I could almost feel Frank’s pain as he sets out to understand his wife’s murder. This story has all the essentials that make it an incredible read to this reader.

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