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ISBN# 9780062223876
May 28, 2013
Avon Books
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gowan Stroughton, Duke of Kinross, is enchanted with Lady Edith Gilchrist. Never has another debutante, especially an English one, been so light of foot, soft of voice, and sweet of temperament. Dispensing with all the rules of courtship, Gowan offers for the Lady after only one evening.

Edie was so ill the night of her coming out ball that she could barely walk, much less make conversation, dance, or otherwise behave like herself. When a Scottish nobleman appears the morning after to offer for her hand, Edie agrees. A man who seems to choose his bride with such decisiveness is bound to be a practical gentleman not ruled by his passions.

Gowan has never been a man given to strong feeling, but the more he knows of his future bride the more he realizes he does not know his own mind. Edie stirs within him an unquenchable passion, a desire to know and possess her fully. Yet when he takes her home to begin their married life together, his irrepressible bride locks herself in a tower to teach him a lesson.

My hat is off to Ms. James for penning yet another novel with some truly swoon-worthy scenes. Readers will fan themselves as they soak up the sparkling chemistry between Gowan and Edie. Their romance all but leaps off the page as they struggle to balance love, cooperation, and independence against the backdrop of a castle tower.

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