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Silver Creek, Book 1
ISBN# 9780345536983
26 March 2013
Ballantine Books
400 Pages
Contemporary Western Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess Casari needs a new start. When her estranged husband suddenly passes away, Tess leaves her life in New York to start over in Acacia, California. What seems like an adventure inspired by fate soon turns sour when Tess cannot find work in the tiny tourist town. Her last chance is a huge guest ranch called the Silver Creek, but fate deals her a blow when her car breaks down on their private road.

Eldest of the three Knowles siblings, Ward carries far more than his share of the work at the Silver Creek. He loves everything about the ranch he has called home all his life. When New Yorker Tess Casari arrives on the scene in the bucket of bolts she calls a car, he is annoyed. What is a woman like her doing in a place like Silver Creek? And why does he think she looks great in those sexy high heels?

When Ward’s best friend decides at the last possible minute to get married at the guest ranch, Ward must turn to Tess for help. Tess has the experience, the work ethic and the panache to get the job done right. Too bad Ward is enjoying all the extra time spent with her, a little more than he would like. He cannot imagine why, but he wants nothing more than to turn city girl Tess into the country loving woman who owns his heart.

Not only is Ms. Moore’s book a great read for those who love Westerns, it also works like a guest pass for those who only like to visit them. Readers will love watching Ward introduce Tess to the possibility of blending her city girl upbringing with her new country life. There is plenty of scorching romantic tension and fresh conflict for city and country readers alike. As the first book in a new series, it will be interesting to see what Ms. Moore has in store for the Knowles bunch.

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