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ISBN#: 1-933389-52-4
Torquere Press
317 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Max is an American visiting England because one of his best friends passed away and left him his fortune, his mansion, and the care of his relatives. A true cowboy at heart, he is bored out of his skull with the upper-crust relatives, until a chance encounter with Morgan changes everything.

Morgan is the only son of an aging oil baron who thinks Morgan’s sexual orientation means he is insane. Not trusting his father or anyone who works for him, Morgan never stays in one place for long, having learned it is in his best interests to stay one step ahead of his father.

Max hides Morgan from a crowd of guys wanting to do him harm on their first meeting and they strike up what at first appears to be one night stand, but which quickly turns into fate. With every encounter, and each country they visit, they grow closer and closer. Still Morgan knows it is only a matter of time before his father catches up with him. It is a test of the strength of their relationship when Max and Morgan are attacked by Morgan’s father’s thugs.

I could not put this story down, and enjoyed it to the last page. The characters are well drawn, and the emotional tension is sustained in such a way that you wonder if it will snap under the pressure. The title effectively captures the essence of these two characters who are as different as night and day, and yet they fit. The author does a fantastic job of portraying the love between these two in a realistic and sensitive way, which makes it a joy for the reader to savor. A truly outstanding book!

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