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ISBN#: 9780425232514
April 2010
Berkley Books, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
352 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

As a young girl, Kathryn Howard is taken from the only home she knows to train under the tutelage of her grandmother. From there she will begin a journey unlike anything she ever imaged.

First there is Henry Manox. He teaches her about music and gives her the first taste of what passion is.

Francis Dereham shows Kathryn what real passion is. Falling in love and promising each other their troth, neither knowing what events will unfold to change their lives.

When Kathryn goes to court to meet her future husband, she is in for the shock of her life. She has caught the eye of none other than King Henry VIII. Promising to always treat the King like a husband before the ruler he is, Kathryn gets the love and attention she so justly deserves. But there are forces out to get her and her past will come back to haunt her.

What a sensational novel! This unbelievable tale will grab you from the beginning and never let you go. I was so saddened by how manipulative all the people were in Kathryn’s life only to pretty much turn their backs when she needed them most. Ms. Hoyt sure knows how to make the reader want to celebrate the joys, wipe the tears, and stand strong along with her vivid characters. With the added historical aspects of this book, it is a sure bet. I highly recommend you read this novel…it is one book you do not want to miss!

Caution: This tale contains scenes that will have you reaching for tissues. Be prepared for strange looks as you yell at some of the insensitive and deplorable characters that have a role in this novel.

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