Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN # 978-1-921347-36-8
June 2009
DCL Publications LLC
161 Pages
Sensual contemporary romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Donna has just been to Seattle to bury her late husband, her late cheating husband that is. She actually is feeling sorry for his grieving girlfriend who is more distraught than Donna. On the flight home, she has the pleasure of meeting famed writer, Luisandro.

Luisandro is a writer of serious fiction. After meeting Donna, he is intriqued by her. When he hears her tale, he offers her a job managing his affairs. He believes that working will keep her mind of the unpleasantness she has suffered.

Donna and Luisandro find they share an attraction to each other as they get to know one another, soon crossing the line from employer/employee to lovers. Many things step in their path. Can they overcome them or is this relationship over before it starts?

I must honestly say I was very disappointed in this book. I loved the blurb and thought it sounded like an interesting read. However, I felt many things just did not click for me. I felt no connection between the characters and their story and their connection to the reader. That being said, Ms. Hoffman has written many entertaining books that other readers enjoy. I suggest using a second opinion or even better, your own judgment, on this book.

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