Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-440-24478-3
April 27, 2010
A Dell Book
325 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

It may be a telling sign that psychologist Christina McMullen, PhD is in the wrong kind work when she seems to have a great propensity for getting herself into all kinds of trouble. She really does not even have to go looking for it; it just sort of clings to her like a bad rash.

The struggle to not handcuff Chrissy to her bed is one that Detective Jack Rivera battles with on a daily basis. The woman drives him absolutely crazy, and he thinks that just maybe if she does not get herself killed, he might throttle her himself.

Chrissy is about fit to be tied over her best friend’s upcoming nuptials to the great geekster, and the thought of losing Laney’s companionship is nearly breaking her heart. But never fear, because the fates are about to bowl her over with many more pressing and life threatening events. Her neighbor’s sister is trying to outrun an abusive husband, Laney is receiving menacing letters, one of her clients is battling to keep his son away from a drug dealer, and she has a teenage girl whose overachieving is nearly reaching critical mass. All in all an average week in the life of Chrissy, but this week Rivera decides to turn up the heat, and it is all but impossible for her to concentrate on anything else, even her safety.

Strap yourself in, because you are about to take one wild and crazy ride. The multiple directions this story goes in may leave you dizzy, but the excitement is undeniable. The fact that Chrissy has a PhD does not preclude her tendency to get into unbelievable scrapes. But it is her heart of gold that makes her a most loving and endearing character, even when she leaves common sense behind in favor of a sugar fix.

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