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Hearts of the Amemoi, Book One
ISBN # 9781937044466/9781937044473
November 2011
Entangled Publishing
E Book/Print
234 Pages
Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Megan is a widow, suffering from the pain of a past holiday tragedy. Unable to move on, her guilt and pain keep her from living a full life. She builds a snow family, trying to pass the time, only to be reminded of the family she will never have.

Owen, a snow god, has also known tragedy and loneliness. The pain from bad luck and bad experiences influenced his decision to live alone for a very long time. Megan’s tears give him a chance at happiness, and he arrives on her doorstep on Christmas day.

Both Megan and Owen find comfort in each other, and as trust between them grows, so do their feelings. As the days pass, pain and loneliness are replaced by hope, joy and love. Unfortunately, Owen does not have much time, and Megan struggles with the guilt and fear of letting the past go. Megan has to admit to loving Owen before the snow melts, or she will lose her chance to share her life with him.

North of Need is a book packed with emotion, and Ms. Kaye does an excellent job of relaying her character’s feelings. From Megan’s pain and sorrow, from her loss, to Owen’s excitement for ice cream, I felt as though I knew exactly what these characters were feeling. They were likeable from the very beginning, and I enjoyed how they both seemed to complete the other. Snow Gods is a fresh new idea, and I enjoyed the opportunities to learn of Owen’s powers and the glimpses into his world. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

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