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October 2010
325 pages
Paranormal suspense/Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Morgan Hawkes is one-half Wiccan with advanced psyche, which basically means she talks to spirits. Morgan lives with her cousin, Xia Randall, and works as a paranormal investigator. Morgan is about to go undercover on a very special and highly dangerous case.

Cole St. John is a Senior Special Forces agent. He is also an inheritor vampire -- a vampire who blends in with the human world very easily.

Three witches have been found dead within the last few weeks. It seems the murders have a connection, which is linked to voodoo. With Morgan’s history with voodoo, Cole seems to think Morgan would be perfect for this operation. Morgan, however, wants no part of this. Even with all sorts of persuasions, Morgan cannot be convinced to take on this assignment…until the “Witch Killer” strikes a little too close to home.

I found myself enveloped in the world of Morgan Hawkes from page one. The farther I read on, the more engaged I became with this story. The mystery and suspense kept me flipping pages, hoping for the murderer to be caught. The author makes Morgan such a personable and likable character. And Cole, well, every story needs a sexy vampire. Ms. LoTempio writes is a style quite reminiscent of one of my favorite authors, Kim Harrison. This book will be in my collection for years to come. I would recommend you add it to yours.

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