Coffee Time Romance & More




February 2013
Champagne Books
25 Pages
M/M Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dancing, partying and looking for a hook-up are just not things Steven has time for. Apparently, his sister feels otherwise.

From the moment he touches the man’s hand, Erik knows there is something special about him.

Unlike his sister, Steven’s talents do not extend to flirting and playing the field, so he is having a really hard time enjoying the cruise his sister has dragged him on. Meeting Erik is the highlight of his evening, making him feel and do things he never thinks he could or would do, which scares him silly. He makes a major error by speaking before thinking, and it could very well cost him the most wonderful thing he has ever experienced.

Steven may not lack intelligence, but the poor man is certainly stunted when it comes to feelings and relationships. As much fun as it is to see him fall for Erik, it is a little hard to imagine him going along with Erik as easily as he does, even with the alcohol. That said, his morning after is exactly as expected, and I really like that he takes responsibility for what he does. This author, as well as her characters, does a great job of packing this short story with passion, excitement and sadness.

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