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ISBN# 9780062070289
28 August 2012
$7.99 US/$9.50 CAN
371 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Having permanently left her Midwest roots behind, making it in New York is validation for Allison Taylor. Like millions of other New Yorkers, she never fathoms the horror about to unfold in the days to come.

Infertility has become the final nail in the coffin for Mack MacKenna’s marriage, or so he thinks on Monday evening. Tuesday morning, however, shatters that illusion with devastating finality.

The unmitigated horror of 9/11 shakes the entire country, yet Allison is subjected to one more unfathomable act, when she discovers her upstairs neighbor has been butchered. Allison tries to overcome her shock and fears by helping her next door neighbor, Mack, to cope with the loss of his wife. As they discuss the murder, they both agree on who the likeliest suspect is, but Allison cannot shake the feeling that maybe she is wrong. All Allison can hope is for life to get back to normal. Yet, with each passing hour, her fear mounts, so the certainty that she will never feel safe again spirals out of control.

No one is left unaffected as readers get an intimate look into the lives of characters in the catastrophic days following 9/11. I also really like how no one is portrayed as all good or bad, which gives a real sense of authenticity to their personalities. Even the guessing game about the perpetrator is non-stop, especially when readers think they know, and something else throws them off. If like me, readers cannot wait to see what happens next, it is time to get a hold of the sequel to Sleepwalker.

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