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ISBN#: 978-1-60394-352-9
October 2009
New Concepts Publishing
129 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Nika is a corporate spy. She will do anything to get back at the government, and the corporations that are part of her country’s problem, and she is not adverse to taking their money either.

Raven, Bull, Cham, and Lynx are human/animal hybrids who have been trained as special forces. They believe they are cyborgs but the truth is even more daunting.

When Nika steals the information on the most advanced cyborgs available for a competing corporation, she has no idea that she is about to change both her life and the lives of said cyborgs forever. In her bid for getting even with the corporations she pushes a big red button, releasing Raven, Bull, Cham, Lynx and twelve others from stasis. They are able to escape, and it does not take long for the men to figure out that their corporation and the government wants them dead. Since Nika was doused with pheromones as soon as she broke in, they are able to track her to her apartment and wait for her. They take Nika prisoner, or rather Nika weighs her options and chooses to go with them knowing that she does not want the corporation or the government to get their hands on her, or the chip she has. As they make their way below ground, there is danger at every turn. In spite of this, Nika finds herself beginning to feel something for the four men, to the point where she has sex with three of them. It does not take her long to figure out that it is more than sex for her, and for them though. However, with the police closing in, and jealousy sprouting between the men, will Nika even have the opportunity to find out if there is a chance for all of them?

Night Raven is one of those books you read over and over again because it is so good! I could say that it is the sex, which trust me is blistering hot, but it is more than that. Ms. Hart is a true storyteller, and that is the key to making a storyline like this work. I loved Nika’s personality, and her kick butt attitude! I also loved the guy’s humanity, and how she brought this out so well. The world building is extraordinary, and very well thought out. The suspense just about killed me while I was reading Night Raven, and I could not read it fast enough so I could find out if there was any kind of a happy ending. I’m delighted to say, the ending is more than satisfactory for this reader. This is one book that you will want to pick up right away, I guarantee, you will not be sorry!

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