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ISBN #9780373130009
July 2011
Mass Market Paperback
186 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Katie Field is an ordinary girl with aspirations to become a costume designer. She also has a lot of debts left after her father’s death and a famous sister who is no help in that area.

Nathaniel Wolfe is a famous movie actor about to prove that he can also be a stage actor. He is handsome and has a dark past as one of the infamous Wolfe family.

Nathaniel Wolfe has been an actor his whole life, even though he has only made his living at it since he reached adulthood. The scars of his past run deep and come to the surface with the return of his oldest brother just before he is due to open in his first play. Unable to face his demons, he escapes with the help of Katie, the costume designer for his play. Katie has been struggling and is about to get a big break, but for once she is going to have an adventure with the very sexy Big Bad Wolfe.

This first installment of the Notorious Wolfe’s series has an exciting beginning and a very engrossing plot. The two main characters are very different from each other, but their personalities complement each other. Katie is very down to earth, practical, and unaware of her beauty. She grew up with a selfish and beautiful sister and undervalues herself. Nathaniel had a very difficult childhood, and even though he leads a high profile public life, he is very difficult to truly know. The author does a wonderful job of telling the story of how they got to know each other and fell in love. Their story has many interesting ups and downs and three very interesting settings, and I enjoyed every page.

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