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Embrace the Night
Night Games

A Sequel to Embrace the Night
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-6156-4
March 2012
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
$14.00 US / $15.95 CAN
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Most Magickals have a lifespan of about five hundred years, and Salina Grayson is nearing the end of hers, albeit a little prematurely. Merek’s precognition is usually dead-on, and for Salina, dead is the operative word.

Nothing beats relieving stress better than a night or two with a gorgeous woman, but that is as far as Jack Laramie is willing to go. The death of his wife was a long time ago, but it tore a hole in him that has yet to heal.

Thirty years ago, Salina lost the one and only person left that she loved, and to this day she has not forgiven herself for never finding Bess’ killer, but that is all about to change. Her cousin’s murderer has come calling once again, and Salina will do whatever it takes to bring him down, even lying to the only man who is easily slipping past every one of her defenses. Jack cannot get enough of Salina, but his gut is telling him she is holding out, and it is not in the bedroom. It is terrifying him to realize how much she means to him and with all Hell breaking loose around them, he may lose the only chance he has to feel whole again.

Jack and Salina put on a spectacular display, both on and off the sheets! You are with them every step of the way as they fight to find clues to a killer, and find solace in each other’s arms when their worlds threaten to collapse. Their sexual attraction is explosive, but you never lose sight of the danger closing in on them. I think Crystal Jordan is one of my all time favorite erotic romance writers, and I am sure you will too, no matter which one of her books you choose.

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