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Dark Age Dawning series, Book 1
ISBN# 9780425241691
June 2011
Berkeley Sensation, a division of Penguin Group, Inc.
$15.00 US/$17.50 CAN
327 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Jenna Barclay’s life has been tumultuous at best. Her father was more likely to be out in the woods with his friends than he was at home. That left Jenna to take care of her mother who had some issues with being left alone so often.

John Mason was taken in by a group of men who trained him to be prepared when the Dark Age began. Mason made a promise to Jenna’s father. That vow has Mason kidnapping her and taking her away.

The Dark Age has come. The post-Apocalyptic world is in complete chaos, and no one is safe. With no computer-powered equipment, people are forced to deal with things in a completely different way. Mason was trained by this small group of men who showed him how to hunt, kill, protect and survive. Jenna’s father ranted about the end of the world, but she never dreamed the crazy man would be correct. People are shifting into animals who are taking out anything they deem prey, which has Mason and Jenna holing up in a small cabin in the woods. When five more people arrive for Mason to care for, the couple and their ragtag bunch are forced to move to a safer location. Wills are tested, matches are made and people die. Through it all, maybe love can survive.

I was not quite sure what to expect when I began reading this one, but my mind was blown away. I certainly was not prepared for the intensity of emotions that riddled me. From the anger and desperation to the love and happiness these people find in such a dark time, the passion rang through every pore of my being. The characters are so vivid and realistic I felt as if I could look over my shoulder to find them standing with me. The adventure stole my breath away. This new series has started off with a tremendous bang and I am anxiously awaiting the next Dark Age Dawning novel.

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