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ISBN#: 978-0-373-06721-3
January 2010
Harlequin Medical
186 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Melissa Clarkson’s arrival in Didja does not garner quite the reception that she expected. She came to meet her brother for the first time, and is instead overwhelmed by generosity and enthusiasm from everyone but him.

The clinic has been his port in the storm for the last four years, and Dr. Josiah Lawson has reveled in the quiet homey atmosphere. He left Perth under a cloud of deceit, false accusations, and with a broken heart far too damaged to ever be whole again.

When you find yourself completely alone in the world, it does something to your psyche, and while Melissa has tried valiantly to fill that void, she has only found disappointment along the way. Her adoptive parents are gone, her birth mother is gone, and the only one left is a brother she has never met who wants nothing to do with her, but she is going to change that. Coming to Didja is the first step to creating that bond, but when she meets her new boss, Melissa’s emotions are thrown into chaos. Joss is every bit as confused as Melissa, and swearing he will keep his distance is getting harder by the minute, but the stakes are just too high to put himself out there. Or are they?

The town, the people, and the plot all come together in a wonderfully portrayed and well thought out romance. Melissa may come off in the beginning as a little over-enthusiastic or naïve considering her brother’s reticence, but you cannot fault her desire or sincerity. The ruggedness of the Outback calls to you, and its people even more so. This story makes me want to hop on the next plane out, and see it all for myself (ahh…if only I could).

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