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The Montgomerys & Armstrongs Series

Book 1: Never Seduce A Scot
Book 2: Highlander Most Wanted

The Montgomerys & Armstrongs: Book 1
ISBN # (13) 978-0-345-53323-4 (13) 978-0-345-53603-7
September 25, 2012
Ballantine Books
416 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

After a childhood accident leaves her deaf, Eveline Armstrong gains a reputation for being daft. When her new infirmity allows her to live a quiet life of freedom among her clan without the responsibilities usually given to the Laird’s daughter, Eveline is content for a time. Eventually she realizes that she is trapped by her own web of deceit, unable to convince her family that she is normal but for her hearing, and longing for a home and family of her own.

Graeme takes his responsibility as Laird of Clan Montgomery very seriously, especially when it comes to the blood feud between the Montgomery and Armstrong clans. When Scotland’s king determines to end the warring between his two most powerful clans by forcing Graeme to wed the Armstrong’s daughter, he is trapped into marrying a woman who is known throughout the Highlands to be “touched in the head”. With the future of his clan at stake, Graeme has no choice but to embrace his enemy.

Graeme expects to find a simpleton bride, but discovers instead a beautiful grown woman. Though she cannot speak, she makes herself understood and seems almost eager to become his wife in every way. It does not take long for Eveline’s resilient spirit and tenacious dedication to fit in with her new clan to win over Graeme’s heart. When danger from a rival clan threatens the fledgling peace between Armstrong and Montgomery, both will realize that loving their enemies has truly made them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this book is the time spent by the author in developing both Graeme and Eveline as characters. Readers will enjoy the careful weaving of thought and emotions as details are revealed at precisely the right moment to gain maximum impact on the plot. Ms Banks’ attention to historical detail is strong, and her descriptions bring Scotland’s terrain to vivid life. Readers will eagerly anticipate the other two books in this new trilogy.

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