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ISBN#: 9780061349232/ 9780061923616/ 9780061923623/ 9780061923661/ 9780061923647/ 9780061923630/ 9780061923654/ 9780061923678
September 2009
HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Print/ Ebook
212 Pages
Ages 12 and Up
Rating: 5 Cups

Shelby Locke considers herself to be a normal sixteen year-old girl on the brink of womanhood. Except for the fact that her mother died three years ago and her father married Priscilla, a woman Shelby loathes and whose feelings are mutual. Somehow through it all, she seems to get herself into some sort of boy trouble, which leads her into her next problem.

Austin Bridges III knows that everyone sees his rock 'n roll father as some insane rocker. After the rumors flew, tales abetted by a girl he thought he could trust, his life has not been a piece of cake. Being sent to Camp Crescent in Oregon did not seem so bad at first, or at least for the first ten minutes.

It all started innocently enough for Shelby and Austin -- a mutual attraction at a glance followed by a search and rescue of sorts in the forbidden forest. Next thing she knows, the handsome bad boy is talking about medicine he needs, and she is wondering if he is not addicted to some sort of drug. But what Austin has could be described as much worse than an addiction to drugs, and if the son of a well-known tabloid writer gets wind of the story...oops too late. Can Shelby and Austin grow from friends to possibly more even as a secret is revealed to her, one that has her questioning his sanity and one that questions everything she has ever known about humans in general?

Debut novelist Heather Davis came out swinging when she wrote this whopper of a tale. Never Cry Werewolf may be shown as a Teen book, but I would not be surprised to see adults picking up this fantastic story of first love, hidden secrets, and family secrets that will pull readers in and have them begging for more! Shelby is the type of heroine we all hope(d) to be, growing up -- a strong and independent girl on the threshold of becoming a woman. Austin is the tortured bad boy that cries out to any female with the urge to comfort him, a boy/man who has lived a hard life and cannot even give his trust easily due to his family's secret. I can guarantee that anyone who picks up this book will thoroughly enjoy this tale and have them clamoring for more.

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