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Argo Series
Book 1: Catalyst
Book 2: Networked

NETWORKED: An Argo Novel
Argo, Book 2
ISBN# 9781623803841
6 March 2013
Dreamspinner Press
200 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Duncan Harris, a major in the union, has been working on the Argo Space Station since before its departure from union space. A strict military man, Duncan finds it difficult to show emotions, making relationships a near impossibility.

Chris is an engineer, or actually he is more than that. Dr Christopher Vabre is the second research engineer on Argo. Joining Major Harris’s team is an opportunity for him to explore the planets in this new area of space, allowing him to share and learn about new technologies.

Visiting a planet with a thought sharing technology is too much temptation for Chris. He just has to talk them into allowing him to look at it, and then experiment with it…on Duncan.

Duncan and Chris are an amazing pair in a very difficult situation. Not everyone is able to venture into unknown space to build a space station, let alone build a relationship. Duncan has a heart of gold, which everyone but him can see. Chris is just so adorable you want to take him home. I cannot wait to see what happens to the rest of the crew on the Argo space Station.

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