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Vampire Series
Book 1 - Bad Vampires
Book 2 - Nazi Werewoofs

Book 2
ISBN: 9781453760390
August 2010
Paperback/Trade Paperback
201 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Lance, Nigel, Carol, and Becky are all friends and special agents of the New York Association of Good Vampires, which are vampires who do not bite to kill but bite to supply their need for blood.

This motley crew is now on assignment to bring down the Baron Wolfgang von Verdammte, Neo-Nazi ruler of the Bad Vampires of Europe. He is trying to create a race of Nazi werewolves.

It is almost hard to tell who are the bad guys and the good guys when each side tries to infiltrate the other side with moles.

I hate to say this but I did not enjoy this book at all. Although the plot line was intriguing, I had a very hard time relating to the characters and their story. The humor throughout helped the story move a bit but it was dry, slapstick comedy. So I would advise you to use your own judgment in choosing this book for a read.

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