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Nauti Boys Series by Lora Leigh
Book1: Nauti Boy
Book 2: Nauti Nights
Book 3: Nauti Dreams
Book 4: Nauti Intentions
Book 5: Nauti Deceptions
Book 6: Nauti Kisses (Nauti & Wild)
Book 7: Nauti Boys

Wild Riders Series by Jaci Burton
Book 1: Riding Wild
Book 2: Riding Temptation
Book 3: Riding on Instinct
Book 4: Riding the Edge (Nauti & Wild)
Book 5: Riding the Night
Book 6: Wild Riders

Nauti Boys, Book 7/Wild Riders, Book 6
ISBN# 9781451655926
2 April 2013
Berkley Trade
352 Pages
Contemporary Romance Anthology
Rating: 3 Cups

Nauti Siren
Piper McKay is sick of living in a plastic bubble due to her older brother’s paranoia. She gets the necessity of protection in a world where her family’s enemies are ready and waiting to use her and her two younger sisters as bait. When an offer comes from a New York fashion mogul interested in sponsoring a show with her designs, Piper makes plans to split.

Even watching Piper sneak off the property, Jedediah Booker cannot bring himself to rat her out to the McKay boys. Instead, Jed takes it upon himself to watch out for Piper’s safety. When all hell breaks loose in New York, Jed rushes to the rescue.

A chain of bizarre coincidences coalesces into a plot against the McKays that lands Piper right in the hot seat. She knows she needs help, but she wishes she were a little less attracted to her protector. There is nothing like a near death experience to ramp up the sexual desire when the hero is as yummy as Jed.

Riding to Sunset
Jed Templeton is still one of the new guys, which does not stop the General from giving Jed a complicated assignment that sends him and his Harley to Daytona Beach. The mission sounds simple–Jed is to protect one woman. Since the woman does not know she needs protecting, it promises to be anything but easy.

Elena Madison is used to her mother disappearing for unexplained periods of time. Carla is a free spirit and does not enjoy being tied down. When Jed Templeton shows up in her beach front gallery and insinuates himself into her life, Elena cannot imagine it has anything to do with her mother’s connection to a relative Elena has never known existed.

Jed is supposed to get close to Elena and keep her safe. The mission does not include getting attached. Now Elena is in danger. Jed must keep her out of the line of fire, even if it means making her hate him.

Both Ms. Leigh and Ms. Burton have included action packed short stories with ties to the popular Nauti Boys and Wild Riders series. It is rather startling to the reader that two completely separate heroes are both called Jed. However, the romance is hot, the tension heavy and the heroines are really worth dying for.

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