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The Foxworth Coven

Book 1: Death of Innocence
Book 2: Natural Urges

The Foxworth Coven, Book 2
ISBN#: Unavailable
September 2011
Solstice Publishing
247 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Korbin has no memories of her past but it seems to be catching up to her. She is saved by the one who becomes the light of her life and gives her a reason to leave the past behind and move into the future.

Arcadia is a hunter for his people. While chasing rogues and their current victim he discovers the one who will give him more power than he could even imagine, and will show him a new way of life.

The Foxworth Family has been ordered to tell their story. Reliving the past is difficult but offers the family an opportunity to face their demons and possibly exercise them for all time.

I must say Natural Urges is one of the best I have read. The characters are vivid and in technicolor. I was fully able to see them in my mind’s eye and create the whole world using the words of Kayden McLeod. I fell in love with Korbin and Arcadia and rooted for them throughout the story. A love like no other offers power beyond imagination to a couple strong enough to stand against any storm. I highly recommend Natural Urges and hope you will discover the world as I did.

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